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This is the new WINDEV forum on www.wxforum.info which is a successor to
the WINDEV forum http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/index.php?27130 (2008 - 2018)
while this one was a successor to the WINDEV forum on parsimony from 2000 - 2008
** 18 years of successful mutual support of users of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile products **  
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by kevinw
407 3 06/11/2008 12:48PM
Last Post by BLS

Email to PDF problem

by Arie
321 2 06/11/2008 11:04AM
Last Post by Luigi Trevisant

Importing the Oracle Database in Run-Time

by Mitchell
375 5 06/10/2008 01:05PM
Last Post by Arie

SQL Server - How To Get Number Of Rows Updated

by kevinw
811 24 06/10/2008 11:58AM
Last Post by kevinw

Change IDE Fonts?

by JB
375 1 06/10/2008 10:02AM
Last Post by JB

Updating record using a Query

by Mark
440 7 06/10/2008 12:13AM
Last Post by Mark

Webserver Down Notification

by Glenn Rathke
427 7 06/09/2008 08:23PM
Last Post by Glenn Rathke

Error in Create a setup procedure

by Vic
335 2 06/09/2008 04:23PM
Last Post by Louis Verbraak

How do I create my own RAD pattern?

by Mark
433 4 06/09/2008 12:06PM
Last Post by DarrenF

WebDev Course (Education)

by Aad Mess
432 3 06/09/2008 09:05AM
Last Post by Aad Mess


by Mitchell
355 4 06/08/2008 03:24PM
Last Post by Ben

WD12 New Table Property: Source to fill

by Udo
405 1 06/07/2008 03:42PM
Last Post by Udo

WebDev Project Folders

by DW
338 1 06/07/2008 01:40PM
Last Post by DW

New videos on PC Soft website

by Bob Stratton (bosher)
421 1 06/07/2008 12:45AM
Last Post by Bob Stratton (bosher)

A Question emailed to me

by Art Bonds
421 5 06/06/2008 11:05PM
Last Post by Hyrum Tatton

WX12 - HFCS - Know the name of the server in a stored procedure

by Peter Holemans
335 2 06/06/2008 10:59PM
Last Post by Carlo Hermus

Loading Oracle Database using WebDev Oracle Native Access

by Mitchell
376 7 06/06/2008 05:22PM
Last Post by Mitchell

WX12 - HFCS Scheduler

by Peter Holemans
288 2 06/06/2008 05:21PM
Last Post by Peter Holemans

Webdev Deployment

by Dennis W
400 6 06/06/2008 03:50AM
Last Post by KenKnight

Popup Calendar in WebDev 11

by Shahine
649 13 06/06/2008 03:37AM
Last Post by KenKnight

HFCS Scheduled Task

by Paul Turner
326 3 06/06/2008 02:34AM
Last Post by Paul Turner

[Webdev 12] WD120AWP problem

by Aad Mess
347 1 06/05/2008 11:37AM
Last Post by Aad Mess

Error when publishing WB11 Site (0068 ERR_LOADINGPROJECT)

by M. Beaven
283 4 06/05/2008 04:20AM
Last Post by M. Beaven

WebDev12 Pulldown menu expand and is not usable

by J. Flietstra
313 2 06/05/2008 12:31AM
Last Post by Peter Raines

WM10: Copy file from fileserver to mobile

by Merijn
301 2 06/04/2008 04:37PM
Last Post by Mitchell

Generating Hyperfile DB from analysis???

by Glenn Stretton
344 1 06/04/2008 01:45PM
Last Post by Glenn Stretton

Query "insert into.... select from ...."

by camsinh
342 2 06/04/2008 09:55AM
Last Post by Leo

[W12] WDM in German / Deutsch

by Mousse David
361 1 06/04/2008 09:51AM
Last Post by Mousse David

Automatic Backup WD12

by Michael Drechsel
365 4 06/04/2008 08:44AM
Last Post by Leo

[WD11] -Fic file has embedded drive and folder name - Solved

by Al
328 2 06/04/2008 08:30AM
Last Post by Al

WB11 AWP deployment

by Jeff Graham
425 11 06/03/2008 11:55PM
Last Post by KenKnight

SQL server native driver

by Arie
347 2 06/03/2008 06:29PM
Last Post by kevinw

Apostrophe (') in parameter to SQL Server (OLEDcool smiley

by Justin
367 5 06/03/2008 06:26PM
Last Post by kevinw

Broadcast IP Address

by Ben
412 3 06/03/2008 09:50AM
Last Post by Ben

Message Box

by Cherry
428 8 06/03/2008 05:08AM
Last Post by Cherry

WB11 AWP deployment

by Jeff Graham
348 1 06/02/2008 06:50PM
Last Post by Jeff Graham

Drag and Drop Query Items to a form

by Michael Drechsel
349 1 06/02/2008 05:04PM
Last Post by Michael Drechsel

[WD10] Slow writing of configuration in ini-file

by Erik Schwarz
308 2 06/02/2008 01:53PM
Last Post by Erik Schwarz

Windev Installer

by DW
374 8 06/02/2008 01:17AM
Last Post by DW

Webdev compare to c#, vb.net, java

by Peter Ng
525 4 06/01/2008 06:38PM
Last Post by Hyrum Tatton

using SCM on Windev 12

by Andres Sanchez
388 1 06/01/2008 06:16AM
Last Post by Andres Sanchez

Ping Bob Statton

by Ben
344 3 05/30/2008 02:01PM
Last Post by DW

Webdev 12 - Chinese Displaying in Runtime

by Robert Zhong
357 1 05/30/2008 11:31AM
Last Post by Robert Zhong

WX12 - HFCS - Trigger & Stored Procedure

by Peter H.
373 1 05/30/2008 10:42AM
Last Post by Peter H.

Webdev and timeouts

by Ruben Sanchez Peña
306 2 05/30/2008 09:26AM
Last Post by Leo

Old Forum Zip files

by Al
609 13 05/30/2008 08:22AM
Last Post by Al

[WD11] Default paper size

by Piet van Zanten
296 2 05/29/2008 08:40PM
Last Post by Jan de Bruin

AWP Context Problem

by Jeff Graham
335 1 05/29/2008 08:02PM
Last Post by Jeff Graham

Webdev Deployment in different path under same server

by Jon Lau
295 4 05/29/2008 07:07PM
Last Post by Jon Lau

[WD11] dbf files

by Piet van Zanten
372 8 05/29/2008 03:37PM
Last Post by Charles Jolly