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This is the new WINDEV forum on www.wxforum.info which is a successor to
the WINDEV forum http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/index.php?27130 (2008 - 2018)
while this one was a successor to the WINDEV forum on parsimony from 2000 - 2008
** 18 years of successful mutual support of users of WINDEV, WEBDEV and WINDEV Mobile products **  
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WD26/WD27: HRecordToJSON / HJSONToRecord SOLVED!

by gpredl
423 6 05/16/2022 10:19AM
Last Post by gpredl

[WD22] Flip 2 Tab Panes in runtime mode

by Michael Drechsel
351 1 05/16/2022 09:13AM
Last Post by Michael Drechsel


by AadG
407 4 05/12/2022 11:45AM
Last Post by AadG

[WD] OLEDB connect to SQL Server

by Infoss
441 7 05/10/2022 03:47PM
Last Post by pao

API integration into webdev & windev mobile (Development Work)

by jonlau
469 5 05/10/2022 09:00AM
Last Post by PeHoBe

WebDev New Smart Control PDF

by Robert Willis
360 1 05/09/2022 05:19PM
Last Post by Robert Willis

Live Update for standalone application

by jaistar
471 6 05/08/2022 12:05PM
Last Post by slxslx

Saving a video file?

by ambrit
400 7 05/06/2022 07:49PM
Last Post by ambrit

Major WebDev Issue with Latest Apple iOS Update

by MediOffice
349 2 05/06/2022 03:16PM
Last Post by MediOffice

How to create an eraser tool?

by John Fligg
349 1 05/04/2022 05:34PM
Last Post by John Fligg

[WD-17] Reading Text in an image using Tesseract

by Shijo S Philip
825 6 05/04/2022 03:21PM
Last Post by ete

WD 27 Strange delay in Project search and Compile

by Jeff Graham
359 1 05/03/2022 04:35PM
Last Post by Jeff Graham


by Marc De Swert
377 4 05/03/2022 10:25AM
Last Post by Marc De Swert

Re: Combo box with editable (typing anything) facility

by sivakrith
345 3 05/02/2022 01:56PM
Last Post by sivakrith

Responsive Web Pages in WB27?

by pauly139
393 1 05/01/2022 10:58AM
Last Post by pauly139

Possibility of hosting a WB20 project in WAS24

by YogiYang
338 3 04/30/2022 08:45AM
Last Post by Argus

[WD27] Project Graph bugs getting worse

by ccc2
466 2 04/29/2022 11:42AM
Last Post by ccc2

where can I find the private store

by Allard
605 4 04/26/2022 04:07AM
Last Post by Vicente R

Screenshot from a webdev page

by Michael Drechsel
395 4 04/24/2022 08:22PM
Last Post by Michael Drechsel

{WB23} multilingual problem

by pietvanz
445 3 04/23/2022 09:40AM
Last Post by pietvanz

[WD27]unable to connect using msoledbsql19 provider

by ccc2
388 2 04/22/2022 07:43PM
Last Post by ccc2

WD 21 MSSQL (HModify HAdd etc)

by Niek
334 3 04/22/2022 05:35PM
Last Post by ArieM

How to store a view (or stored procedure) to an HFSQL server?

by Marijan Tomasic
393 3 04/22/2022 12:58PM
Last Post by Infoss

Looking for WebDev freelancers

by Greg
466 5 04/20/2022 03:43PM
Last Post by Greg

Component #80 not installed correctly (Windev 27) Attachments

by LasseS
406 3 04/20/2022 07:52AM
Last Post by LasseS

Graphic Controls > Office > Outlook and Presentation

by jaistar
382 2 04/19/2022 02:06PM
Last Post by Al

WD26 Create XML file

by jtadebruin
466 5 04/19/2022 11:33AM
Last Post by marcov

[V24} Windev error in smtp emailing

by Al
386 3 04/19/2022 11:07AM
Last Post by Al

How to read .FFD file?

by jaistar
349 2 04/19/2022 07:33AM
Last Post by Al

Upload control works on production server but not on dev pc

by mixgh
427 5 04/19/2022 01:49AM
Last Post by mixgh

Determine if a binary memo field is empty

by mixgh
372 3 04/19/2022 01:44AM
Last Post by mixgh

WX27 Final Release

by pauly139
883 4 04/15/2022 03:24PM
Last Post by ccc2


by pao
428 3 04/13/2022 11:24AM
Last Post by pao

WinDev on Web server ???

by Infoss
506 5 04/12/2022 06:54PM
Last Post by Argus

Live messenger using windev

by jaistar
466 4 04/12/2022 05:35PM
Last Post by Argus

How to convert webdev project into windev project?

by jaistar
381 2 04/12/2022 01:19PM
Last Post by Argus

How to add attachment to the Live Messages example project?

by jaistar
373 2 04/09/2022 12:43PM
Last Post by Argus

Convert Scheduler example project include with the scheduler break into the project

by jaistar
389 1 04/06/2022 12:41PM
Last Post by jaistar

[WM25]Any way to create a global procedure to log user out and return to login screen?

by RobertLeo
479 4 04/06/2022 11:08AM
Last Post by pietvanz

How to Perform Search Operation on TreeView and TreeViewTable?

by jaistar
404 2 04/04/2022 10:58PM
Last Post by Argus

Scheduler Cells are Empty while running Attachments

by jaistar
426 5 04/04/2022 10:53PM
Last Post by Argus

[WB27] Waste of time and money? We'll see

by pietvanz
486 2 04/04/2022 01:59PM
Last Post by pietvanz

Webdev browser code framework 2

by pietvanz
434 3 04/02/2022 02:43PM
Last Post by pietvanz

Merging Two Projects

by jaistar
398 2 04/01/2022 09:48AM
Last Post by Al

Debug won't Start

by bruno
405 4 03/31/2022 02:17PM
Last Post by Argus

HFSQL error

by ArieM
403 3 03/31/2022 02:13PM
Last Post by Argus

Just some information about WinDev

by Kobus
497 6 03/30/2022 01:17PM
Last Post by Argus

How to determine a next date in a form window How to determine a next date in a form window then calculates days left to the next date in a table

by Kobus
561 13 03/29/2022 05:52PM
Last Post by Kobus

Combo behavior between WD20 and WD24!!

by YogiYang
398 2 03/29/2022 04:04PM
Last Post by YogiYang

Gmail client ?

by SteveSitas
378 5 03/29/2022 11:52AM
Last Post by SteveSitas