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Posted by Michael Drechsel 
December 26, 2022 05:36PM
Hi Folks,

just tried the new hot stuff in the it, Chat GPT.

It understands W-Language !!!!!!

Me: please create a program in windev which delivers the first und the last character of a string

ChatGPT: To create a program in Windev that returns the first and last characters of a string, you can use the following code:

PROCEDURE FirstAndLastCharacters
// Declare variables
STRING sString
STRING sFirstCharacter
STRING sLastCharacter

// Get the string from the user
sString = Input("Please enter a string:")

// Assign the first and last characters
sFirstCharacter = Left(sString, 1)
sLastCharacter = Right(sString, 1)

// Output the results
Info(sFirstCharacter + " " + sLastCharacter)

This program contains a procedure called "FirstAndLastCharacters" that prompts the user to enter a string. It then assigns the variables "sFirstCharacter" and "sLastCharacter" to the first and last characters of the string using the "Left" and "Right" functions. Finally, it outputs the results using the "Info" function.

Please note that this is just an example code and there may be additional steps required depending on your specific use case.

Wow, I´m very impressed.

regards Michael
Re: ChatGPT
December 28, 2022 11:45AM
Pretty amazing indeed!

Luckily for us, this code is nog working (like the declaration of the strings are wrong) , so the AI does not know Windev 100% yet...

But could there be a moment we have a useless job?

Re: ChatGPT
December 29, 2022 04:16PM
I did some tests - for WX code - and whoever trained GPT for windev has really NO idea of the WX language.
This "AI thing" is getting out of control - hate to think that I could find myself in a car that runs with the current AI technology ...

Steven Sitas
Re: ChatGPT
December 30, 2022 01:14PM
Maybe. But the fact does they know Windev ist amazing.

regards Michael
Re: ChatGPT
March 10, 2023 12:15PM
Hi Steve

I am 100% on the same page as you.

I am actually involved in an AI project that uses the genetic engineering approach to AI - it solves complex solutions where there are strict constraints. If you have worked in the field of AI you will understand that there is no such thing as AI. It is not artificial nor intelligence - just pure real unintelligence or serious stupidity. I have had to read and study widely on the history and different algorithms and how they are implemented and what they are meant to solve. I work under a Mensa man on this project.

ChatGPT is actually a common attempt among many. It has been used in AI circles for many years now. And there are many iterations. It uses the LLM that depends on human text being read, warts and all, and then cobbling together what may seem to be a reasonable answer. The core algorithm ranks the probability of words appearing next to one another. It is all about scale and the so-called connections [neurological links - remember LISP?]. So it seems smart but it is perfectly dumb with zero sentience, intent, context nor sentience nor ability to reason. Think of it as a search engine that has an opinion so does not give you alternatives. OpenAI have realized this so are working on WebGPT that will summarize the results with possible solutions.

It is a commercial venture now and they are wanting to monetize on the back of human gullibility od the masses. There is obvious concern on many fronts including the speed at which disinformation can spread - remember the LLM database is fed all manner of stuff warts and all. There is also concern among teachers that students are going to use it for answers to assignments - remember that ChatGTP plagiarizes and is doing so on steroids. It is the ultimate fraud. Some Australian universities are even reverting to pen and paper in exams and tests. And I hear that the companies who write plagiarizing detection software are onto this already and have been very successful in detecting anything cobbled up by a bot. It gets quite predictable when you scratch beneath the surface. Human brains and beings are far more intelligent and nuanced. No AI has got anywhere near the level of a three year old in reasoning, the level of many birds.

What has left me gobsmacked is how easily software developers have been fooled by this.

As a search engine it is useful but that is where it ends. Only that it is impossible to keep up with the latest so the current database knows nothing of what happened after 2021. Google's Bard famously got a question on exoplanets wrong dropping the share price by $100 billion in a single day.

As for self-driving cars - a cynical joke if ever there was one. And if it is anything Musk has been involved in run a mile.

On a more positive note our competitors will most certainly prey on the ignorance of their users and provide some sort of embedded bot functionality. It would be great if PCSoft can provide simple methods for WX programmers to provide users with entertainment. If you do just release it with a disclaimer - the bot is not to be trusted but have fun

Re: ChatGPT
March 10, 2023 01:21PM
After playing with ChatGPT for a month now I can say that I am able to find really good code samples in Python, C# and Pascal but not in WLanguage.

One of the reason for this is because the source file saved by WinDev IDE are in binary format and the engine of ChatGPT cannot process these binary files.

If we want ChatGPT to give more accurate results for WLanguage then we need to host the code on sites like GitHub in plain text.

In short ChatGPT cannot produce something out of thin air. It has to get some kind of inputs (however distorted or merge they may be) based on which it will try to build some kind of logical sense and present it to the user.

I have also managed to get good results from ChatGPT in polishing my documentation language and flow. I write a set of paragraphs and then ask it to rewrite them in a more lucid manner and also correct the spellings and grammar.

Yogi Yang

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