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[WD27] - Delete item/field not found

Posted by JP 
[WD27] - Delete item/field not found
April 08, 2023 10:26AM
Hi All

I deleted an item/field in a data file via the analysis. Saving the analysis WD asks if I want to resync with the project. Answered yes. When I run my program in test or runtime mode the app tries to open the file using HOPEN() and an error occurs saying the deleted item cannot be found:

Error message: "The description of <Update_Dates> stored in the analysis is not compatible with the one etc. .... The <LAST_ZRX> of <Update_Dates> file described in the analysis does not exist in the file."

In the start of the app I issues the following command to force all database changes to be applied:

HModifyStructure( "*" , hmsNormal ) // This returns a 1/True = success, no errors

The database is modified correctly - I verify that with WDMAP.

So the database is modified correctly but the app errors on HOPEN() when trying to open the file.

I have several times run the "Recompile and sync the project with analysis".

Why is the app still looking for an item/field that has been deleted? Any ideas what the problem is?

If I restore the item HOPEN() works again.

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Re: [WD27] - Delete item/field not found
April 08, 2023 10:49AM
do a generate on the analyse.
Re: [WD27] - Delete item/field not found
April 08, 2023 11:15AM

I just tried that, several times, no luck. I even deleted another item I dont need, and now it says that item cannot be found when issuing the HOPEN().

Any other ideas?
Re: [WD27] - Delete item/field not found
April 08, 2023 11:43AM
Make your life easier, turn off the HOpen() command
I had similar problems with that command
I've been using the HModifyStructure( ) option for a long time, it works perfectly on the HFSQL C/S base


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