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[WD27] - Merging PDF Files

Posted by JP 
[WD27] - Merging PDF Files
March 31, 2023 01:12PM
Hi All

I want to merge a variable number of PDF files into a single master file. The number of PDF fils will change from time to time. I can use PDFMerge() for this but how do I cater for the variable number of PDF files in the parameter list?

<Result> = PDFMerge(<Result PDF file> , <PDF file 1> , <PDF file 2> [, <PDF file 3> [... [, <PDF file N>]]])

Re: [WD27] - Merging PDF Files
March 31, 2023 02:17PM

you could do it with the compile function: (dynamic compilation)

all you have to do is to build the source code containing the pdfmerge statement depending on the actual files

regards, Heinz
Re: [WD27] - Merging PDF Files
March 31, 2023 07:36PM
Why don't you merge one at a time in a loop using the result of the first iteraction as the first file to merge in the second iteraction and so on.


Paulo Oliveira
Re: [WD27] - Merging PDF Files
April 01, 2023 01:41AM
Hello JP,

The help example shows you can fil an array with file names or you could use stringbuild() for the first example method

// Merges 2 PDF files into a single one
PDFMerge("C:\PDF Doc\pdf_merge.pdf", "C:\PDF Doc\ReportQuery.pdf", "C:\PDF Doc\Concepts.pdf")

// Merges the files in PDF format found in an array
MyPDFArray is array of 3 strings
MyPDFArray[1] = "C:\Doc\Functions1.pdf"
MyPDFArray[2] = "C:\Doc\Functions2.pdf"
MyPDFArray[3] = "C:\Doc\Functions3.pdf"
PDFMerge("C:\Doc\pdf_merge.pdf", MyPDFArray)

Re: [WD27] - Merging PDF Files
April 01, 2023 12:51PM
Thanks Al and Everyone, great suggestions.

Al, I cannot believe I missed the array option in the help - blinded by the obvious.

Thanks eveyrone.

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