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project graph missing in wd28 pre

Posted by ccc2 
project graph missing in wd28 pre
March 13, 2023 10:06AM
Project graph disappear in wd28 pre.

to me project graph is a really a modern tools in which no other development tools have .
it is sad but to PCS , Project explorer is a better tools to replace project graph.

benefit of using project graph ,
1. I can see right a way which window , report or query are using , without need to read the code
while using project explorer , I have to open and read the code .

2. I can open the window , report or query right away. using project explorer , i need to search

3. in big project (like 50 windows, 50 report , 40 query) , project graph will able to let you concentrate on a section

4. project graph able to let you see same window, report , query use multiple in the project, while project explorer cannot

5. to me project grap is like pcb board , even when I don't remember the name , I still remember the location .
while using project explorer , if you forget then good luck in reading the code

with so many benefit , I still don't understand why many think, project graph inferior compare to project explorer.

i have few hope of improvement on project graph ,
1. when right click on object , will show other place that using it, click on it will zoom me to that area
2. allow hide and show object
3. can show local procedure , etc..
4. link between object , able to show the procedure parameter

what do you think , am i wrong ?
Re: project graph missing in wd28 pre
March 13, 2023 03:58PM
Hello ccc2,

I think the graph is a victim of the changing demands on software projects and as they grew the graph simply doesn't cope.


big project (like 50 windows, 50 report , 40 query)
I suggest that this is not a big project nowadays.

I never used the graph as even in the very first Windev versions for me, it was just a jumble of lines & images for even my first project that I converted from Foxpro.

I have created alphabetic folders (A-Z) for all my windows, reports and queries and that works well for me as for example all the windows, reports and queries dealing with the Creditor section of my project start with "CR_" so they are all locate in windows folder "C" or reports folder "C" etc. I can find everything very quickly even with over 2,000 elements in the project.

The magnify icon at the top of the Explorer will open the quick select window which you may find useful. If you click on the triangle icon for a window, report or procedure in the Explorer, it will open up and show you the sub elements - procedures, blocks, properties and variables etc - and clicking on them will take you straight to them.

The Explorer also has options to sort windows alphabetically or in modification order which would bring the last opened window to the top.


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