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[WB27] - Frustration

Posted by JP 
[WB27] - Frustration
March 22, 2023 10:42AM
Using WebDev 27- frustrations:

1) Still not fixed the moving of dialogs - system shows 2 title bars, the Windows normal title bar and inside that the WebDev max/close buttons.You cannot move the window by moving the Windows title bar - you have to click and hold inside the dialog window and drag it. Why ?

2) This morning I changed the background color of a simple text control on a page.Save. Now WebDev shows me 100+ interface audit errors where the font on many controls cannot be properly seen against the control background. It had changed the font color to white on 100+ controls where it was set to black. Had to manually change them all back. Why ?

3) This IDE interface where all windows are docked on the main bar is useless. The old system where you had free floating MDI windows and you could arrange windows side-by-side for comparison etc. was much better, especially on a large screen. Why ?

4) Every 3rd or 4th time that I run the test in WebDev the test starts and then instantly exits. Why ?

Why, why, why? I dont have time for this nonsense. This must drive developers away. We dont need another 10,000,000 features. we need these issues to be solved. The new features do not compensate for the time wasted on fixing things that were not broken before.

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