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WB22 vs WB27 runtime memory problem

Posted by pao 
WB22 vs WB27 runtime memory problem
March 18, 2023 03:23PM
I'm in trouble after the migration to WB27.
I'm getting OUT OF MEMORY errors in all my clients.

Running the same app with the same ORACLE DB, the same ORACLE client and in the same server (windows 2019) the memory behavior is very diferent.
In the attach images is the memory usage of the session in WB22 and in WB27 using exaclty the same page wtih the same data and running in the same server.

In WB22 the WAS release almost all the memory after sending the page to the browser.
In WB27 the WAS keeps almost all the memory after sending the page to the browser.
This is one huge diference in memory usage when we have several user (+200) at the same time.

Any help is apreciated, i don't know what to say to my clients and the app is crashing in almost all of them.


Paulo Oliveira

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Re: WB22 vs WB27 runtime memory problem
March 22, 2023 01:29PM
Answer from PCSOFT is it helps anyone:
There is no significant increase in memory usage between version 22 and version 28.

However, major changes in the handling the memory have occurred. The memory really used by version 22 was hidden to the task manager (cached in memory or cached on disk).

The drawback was poor performance (1.000.000 times slower in the worst case).

This technique has been abandoned to use faster ways to access the memory.
We wish you great success developing with our products.


Paulo Oliveira
Re: WB22 vs WB27 runtime memory problem
March 22, 2023 03:35PM
On my WB25 app the memory shown in Task Manager per WD250Session ranges from 12MB to over 150MB. Average probably around 70MB.

I've tried various ways to reduce it but mostly they have had other undesirable side effects. I rather use some keep-alive technology to keep actual connected sessions alive - then I have a short timeout on the app server. I have found this more effective in reducing the amount of memory consumed on the server.



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