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WD14 BUG: HCreation / Restructure with Full-Text-Index / Search

Posted by Jimbo 


I wanted to add a Full-Text-Index to a 'Customer' file. Finding instructions for Full-Text-Index / Search in the WinDev 14 Help is difficult. No Help entry there !!

1 - Adding the Index to the file went OK. There is a button near the table of the file items.

2 - A restructure of the file to the new file layout failed, leaving a defective file. <<<===

3 - So, for the sake of a test I decided to start off with an empty file.

4 - HCreation(FileName) fails as long a the file exists physically. <<<===

5 - HCreation(FileName) works as long as the physical file does not exist in HFSQL-server

6 - HDeleteFile(FileName) does not work in HFSQL-Server ('Lock error')

I removed the Full-Text-Index because it is practically unusable !

Bug reported to PC Soft. Let's see how long it takes them to fix this one .. USBFind(DriveLetter, ..) still does not fully work after some years ..



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