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WD14 Observations: Browsing Looper Control

Posted by Jimbo 
WD14 Observations: Browsing Looper Control
June 21, 2009 11:24AM

1 - I've been surprised a lot when putting a file combo control onto a browsing Looper. I expected it to work identically like a combo in a browsing Table, however it did not show anything! Empty. Solution: Add a simple 0 (Zero) to 'Initial Value' on the 'Content' Tab !! After that, it works fine !!

2 - A browsing looper control works somehow with Table-commands too. I'm sure, this is not the way it should, but it does. At least, W-Language has no objections against using those commands, though, of course, quite a lot of Table commands don't really work. But: No error messages at all. Imho, applying a Table-command to a Looper-Control should generate an error.

3 - I'm used to the fact that Table-columns in a row can be referenced easily by just stating - as an example - ReturnToCapture(Table.Price) Once the row is selected, all Table cells within that row can be addressed without stating the row. Not so with browsing loopers! You have to state the row when referencing an element!! Like ReturnToCapture(Looper[MyRow].Price)


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