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Transactions - ClassicHFSQL and 140005 error

Posted by SteveSitas 
Transactions - ClassicHFSQL and 140005 error
May 20, 2023 10:54AM
I have been investigating some 140005 errors on test data on my machine (using WINDEV 27 and HFSQL Classic files).
I always use Transactions and while playing arround with JSON variables, I "tried" to evaluate them in the debugger.
After a while I got/get a GPF and my WD27 IDE closes ..

The transaction is NOW corrupted and I get the "famous" error 140005.
Having a deeper look at the *.TRS file, it has an entry of a table named fic33C6.tmp, which I found (along with is .mmo and .ndx files) in the ..\AppData\Local\temp directory. This is not my file - probably something created by PCSoft.
I can always reproduce it 100% with the above steps ...

I was wondering if somebody has seen something like this in a production app?

Steven Sitas

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Re: Transactions - ClassicHFSQL and 140005 error
December 30, 2023 07:51AM
Hi Steven,

"Transactions" in HFSQL are still (v28) a dangerous minefield. Most times, WINDEV itself takes care of that and one should carefully consider whether starting a transaction is a necessity for real. Btw, WINDEV + MySQL wis working flawlessly with transactions. I did not check version 2024 in regards to transactions yet.

Kind regards,
Guenter Predl
Re: Transactions - ClassicHFSQL and 140005 error
December 30, 2023 01:31PM
Hi Guenter,
I use HFSQL transactions all the time without any problems!!!
What I was pointing out was that during debugging, I can corrupt HFSQL Classic tables when trying to view a JSON field.

I will check to see if the problem exists in WX28 (or WX2024) - but I must say I NEVER have problems with transactions in HFSQL ..
I just wish PCSoft would implement them in mobile Android HFSQL Classic tables as well.

Have a great new year !!!

Steven Sitas

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