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Internal page control - source by code, Controls inside looper X and Y positions

Posted by bdeivid 
Improvement of this controls is needed:

1. Internal page control evolution
-source of internal page control can not be changed by code ?! Why not?
If supported, it would result in a "modular" build of applications.
For example, you could create a pages with internal page controls and fill them programmatically according to what is choosen from the menu or defined by the parameters, etc. It would make the development much easier and faster.

2. LOOPER control evolution
-it is not possible to retrive ..X and ..Y positions of controls insisde a looper ?! Why not??
If supported, looper could be THE ULTIMATE MENU CONTROL. Why? You can form the looper to be used as vertical or horizontal menu system. Getting the ..X and ..Y position of controls, we would be able to position a cell with submenu or a popup with submenu, etc.

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