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Proper Case For Data Entry Fields

Posted by Scott 
Proper Case For Data Entry Fields
September 02, 2011 10:53PM
This seems to be a long standing request in other parts of the MySnip forum, but I'll add it here.

Numerous WinDev programmers (myself included) want the option added to force an entry field to automatically change text entered by an enduser into a string where the first letter of each word is UPPERCASE and the remaining alphabetic characters are lowercase:

Text string entered: this is a text string for an example
Output string: This Is A Text String For An Example

Clarion has had this feature for a very long time; other MySnip posts indicate that other programming languages also have this feature.

Maybe PCSoft can also add a new string manipulation function that performs this string manipulation as part of the standard WinDev toolkit?
Scott Daughtry
Re: Proper Case For Data Entry Fields
May 03, 2012 05:30PM

Glenn Rathke, Softdesign Consulting, has been kind enough to address the Proper Case issue within his excellent WinDev tutorial series. I recently purchased his training video / workbook series and started chatting with him about the Proper Case data entry mask.. within two days he not only had the basic functionality worked out, but has modified it several times to extend its functionality into a global function that can be used for string manipulation as well as data entry field REALTIME validation. He also has a QBE SuperControl function within his WinDev training series that addresses a longtime issue for me - WinDev's lack of a QBE that can be linked to a ComboBox control! The QBE even allows the enduser to save queries that they've created for recall. I've asked him if his QBE can be tweaked so it can be called prior to a report being generated - and he has been kind enough to explore that added functionality.

I purchased his WinDev training set only a few days ago, but already see that it is well worth the $$$ - with over 17 HOURS of online training + the example app + the workbook, combined with Glenn's willingness to extend the tutorial to include new material is simply phenomenal. If you are looking for a training package that goes past the WinDev tutorial book, or even if you're an experienced WinDev developer (which I am certainly NOT), this is WELL WORTH the asking price! For more info about Glenn's WinDev training materiel his web site (built with WebDev) is here: [www.sdcdev.net]

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