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Multivalue Arrays

Posted by Sebastian Arnold 
Sebastian Arnold
Multivalue Arrays
August 05, 2011 03:51PM
Which can hold any kind of value.


aMultiArray is MultiArray

ArrayAdd( aMultiArray, "One")
ArrayAdd( aMultiArray, 2 )
ArrayAdd( aMultiArray, True )


ArrayAddLine( aMultiArray, "One",1,True)
ArrayAddLine( aMultiArray, "Two",2,False)

Re: Multivalue Arrays
August 07, 2011 09:19AM
Hello Sebastian

I have not tried it out, but according to the help I think you can create multi dimensional arrays with different array types.

Declaring an array with several dimensions (up to 10)
Array Name is array of [Dimension 1 [by Dimension 2] ... [by Dimension 10]] Type of Array Elements
Array Name is array of [Dimension 1 [,Dimension 2] ... [,Dimension 10]] Type of Array Elements

The option regarding the "Type Of Array Elements" would seem to allow what you are asking for.

Alexandre Leclerc
Re: Multivalue Arrays
September 07, 2011 07:25PM
Hi Sabastian,

Create an array of Variant. This will do exactly as expected. You can then use the property ..Type to know the type if desired.


Best regards,
Alexandre Leclerc

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