Full project with connect to HF Classic/HF C/S by INI-file
November 29, 2008 08:29AM

this is a full project that connects to a HF C/S database or a directory with HF Classic files, all based on the same analysis. It works using an INI-file in fGlobalDirCommon\MyCompany\MyApplication. The project's name is misleading a bit .. but see yourself.

INI-file parameters are encrypted / decrypted but the example works without a log-in, which you could add just in case you wanted to have that too.

A change of the INI-file can be initiated by pressing the shift-key while starting the application.

There's a lot to say about the project, mainly that it is Vista-compatible and works without elevation to admin rights - as long as you don't decide to put data into the program's directory, which is a big no-no in Vista.

Note, that I kind of 'normalized' the otherwise different results of fDataDirUser / fDataDirCommon / fGlobalDirUser / fGlobalDirCommon. Just as an example. The different result of these commands make difficult to test projects from the IDE and as a compiled .exe using the same set of data files.

If there arise any questions, post them here and please, don't send e-mails - this keeps us all away from learning.

(23.666.487 bytes)

Project is for public use, but is under my copyright. Further publication without my written permission is forbidden and will get my lawyer going ..

Kind regards,
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