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WB for CRM

Posted by marcov 
WB for CRM
March 16, 2023 02:05PM
has anyone ever used webdev to create a management system? if yes, what kind of site do you recommend to use?
Single page app, awp ...

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Re: WB for CRM
April 17, 2023 07:44AM
yes, many times...

the types depends on your requirements... mostly :

Single page app is IMHO the best for the user experience (no reloading, except the data, so it looks like a windows app)
AWP is necessary only if you need to index your content on search engines (you can do it also in single page apps, but it requires some coding gymnastics)

that is my basic choice, and I sometimes mix the two: single page app for the user experience, and a link on the main page to search engine friendly awp pages for the content I want registered (of course, thses pages need to link back to the single page app)
Re: WB for CRM
May 13, 2023 02:21AM
awp has no session. so page doesnot expire. webdev pages expire. so i use webdev pages but login pages awp or a htmlpage with aframe that loads a webdev page

if usingwebdev pages use ajax gives good user exp. if bigger project stay away fromsingle page . if you call single page using planes.

use abit of javascript to show user his session will expire in x minutes . this way you can keep the sessions on like 20 minutes. saves server mem

lots of users more then 1000 at the same time? use awp. Till 400 simulanious users a big strato will do the job just fine. (my experianse) a big one will do problably a 1000 as well. depending on howbig the applicationisas it is==> all in mem ( the session )

awb will run way more. pass values to different screens ,whenpage loading done mem is free again. so it will do way more then 1000 on big strato vs. as only for short time mem of 1 page is run .
Re: WB for CRM
May 15, 2023 10:49AM
the project is a real management system each installation will be local with a maximum of 5/6 users, obviously SEO is not needed, search engines are not involved in any way.
but the project is very big many screens and features, what do you recommend?
Re: WB for CRM
May 15, 2023 01:04PM
Hi Marcov,
if the app will run in an intranet network, do yourself a favor, and use WINDEV instead of WEBDEV.
When WEBDEV matures you can try to move the app to WEBDEV.

If you must have now a WEB version also _and_ your team already knows a mainstream WEB programming environment - say PHP - use PCSofts MySQL driver and create your WEB version with PHP. You will have the best of both worlds ...

* BTW, WINDEV Mobile is a great tool and you can implement reliable mobile versions of your apps quickly ..

Steven Sitas

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Re: WB for CRM
May 15, 2023 04:47PM
ok thanks for the advice.
but a question, WEBDEV with PHP is not a bit poor in functions?

Re: WB for CRM
May 15, 2023 06:34PM
Hi Marcov,

I wasn't talking about WEBDEV and PHP - for me WEBDEV and WEBDEV PHP are still incomplete products.
PCSoft needs to really think hard about the future of WEBDEV.

I was talking about something like PHP and Laravel or CakePHP, something that is more mainstream and with a larger community.

OfCourse WINDEV/WINDEV Mobile is in a class of it's own ...

Steven Sitas
Re: WB for CRM
May 25, 2023 01:51PM

If you are ready to divert from WX platform for building web apps then I would advise you to check out a few of these low code tools that may prove to be life saver and time save also.

Here I go....
    [*] ToolJet (This is an open source tool and can be deployed locally on premises)
    [*] appSmith (It is open source and works like a charm and can be deployed locally)
    [*] BudiBase (This is also open source and can be deployed locally on premises)
    [*] RAD Systems
    [*] Dittofi (I love this when it comes to building web apps)
    [*] ScriptCase
    [*] Wappler (I had a change to use this for a project as our client demanded that we build their web app in this. It has a steep learning curve but is very powerful and feature rich)


Yogi Yang

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Re: WB for CRM
July 05, 2023 09:16PM
People does anybody really use webdev ? I DO==> IN A PROFESSIONAL WAY AND IAM REALLY HAPPY

Come on Steven Sitas . Like your erp system 9 Made with webdev right !!. How can you tell sombody to use php modus in webdev??

Take webdev 28 that is mature as shit.It is f.. Great. do not use php modus that is for people ( maby private persons with no need for a robust system ) If you need a professional site use webdev 28 and the application server

If is mature on screen design .( Making a screen is almoast as easy as windev) .You can code like in windev . It is fast

In your case use dynamic webdev. This uses sessions but it does it all for you. If need be keep session alive with a javascript timer. for instanc eif somebody is inactive more then half an hour close the session in a nice way.

I use the webdev app server to send me reports on how the application is performing . It sends me logging and stuff and I can see who is using it in real time . That is great in a professional setting !!

I have an application MADE INWEBDEV ( COMPLETE BOOK KEEPING SOFTWARE ) I am confident that sutch a thing can be done with webdev as well .

For 6 users use webdev over windev. You do not need to install sotware thatis a big plus. webdev can work with one butyton push publish I use that it is great .

Renko Allard

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