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SOLVED - WD23 Report Preview print and export issues

Posted by Jeff Graham 
SOLVED - WD23 Report Preview print and export issues
May 04, 2021 01:09AM

I have a report that has a break on part number. The report works fine for three parts on my machine and the client's machine, however when I print or export to Excel I get all three parts, but the client gets only the first part.

So there is some difference in the print preview between the machines. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Update: Thanks to my wife's experience with reports, she suggesting any little change to the report and a new update. That worked but still no idea why.

Jeff Graham
Cascade Consulting

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Re: WD23 Report Preview print and export issues
May 04, 2021 05:48PM
Hello Jeff

All can offer is a couple of trouble shooting thoughts.

To state the obvious, you need to track down the difference between your test environment and the clients

The report writer is WYSIWYG and uses the current printer driver to create the report - try setting the printer to a pdf printer and use the same pdf driver as your client - Foxit provide a free one. This will let you know if it is a printer driver or font issue on the client side

To the best of my knowledge, the report generates twice, once for the initial display and than again when exporting or printing. Is there a memory issue on the client side that affects the second run through.

Can you send a patch to the client containing the report format and whatever process creates the data for the report or completely update the client exe to make sure every part of the client report process matches yours.

When you test, are you using exactly the same data as the client.

Can you setup remote debugging to the client site and break points in the report to trace the report execution. If not, you could modify the report and use Info() to show messages and values onscreen when certain events (break points - change of part number etc) occur and then send the modified report as a patch to the client.


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