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JSON vs Variant type of variables for JSON formatted data

Posted by Gus 
Hello All:

I'm dealing with information in JSON format and since I picked up some examples using variables of type variant, and continue working with this type of variable to load and process information in JSON format.

However, I later discovered the JSON type of variable, which seems to be more suitable for this. Since the variant type still works for what I need, I'm wondering what are the differences and if there are advantages by using JSON types of variables rater than variant types.

I would appreciate any comment on this.

Re: JSON vs Variant type of variables for JSON formatted data
May 04, 2021 08:51AM
Hi Gus

The variant solution was the solution to work with before the JSON variable type existed (Pre-V23 I believe).
Now you need to drop your JSON descriptions/definitions in the "external descriptions" in the project explorer and you can next use them natively including type-ahead and compilation error features.

Simply declare the type of json:
x is json <description="myjsonfile.node.x.y.z"> (or DnD the description node into the code editor)

Next you get all the IDE features on that definition.
The same works for XML by the way (Since V16 I believe).


Peter Holemans

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Thank you for the clarifications, Peter!

BTW, I also found this link in case someone is interested;



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