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WD14 - controls on table breaks AND using planes

Posted by Arie 
WD14 - controls on table breaks AND using planes
November 20, 2009 10:35AM
Hi, I found a bug in WD14. But I have a workaround too! It cost me several hours, so let's share this info.

I have several table controls on planes 1,2 and so on. Now I started to use breaks.
However: the controls on breaks are messed up, when using planes.

At runtime, it looks like these controls are created twice!
When scrolling you will see one control into the break (this one is what you expect).
But there's another one somewhere outside the table. It's not moving while scrolling. It just there, like you dragged one onto the window yourself, on top of the table control.

Solution!! All controls on table-breaks/footers need to be attached to plane 0 (no plane), regardless of the plane of the table-control. The breaks are like a container I suppose and the controls will inherit the plane of the table during runtime. This way it is working correctly.

I did report this to pcsoft.

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