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PC Soft's WinDev, WebDev & Mobile vs VisualStudio

Posted by eli spicer 
eli spicer
PC Soft's WinDev, WebDev & Mobile vs VisualStudio
August 08, 2017 08:41AM

I need help in deciding what tools I should choose for building applications for the desktop, web and mobile.

I'm looking at Visual Studio and PC Soft's suite of tools. I'm currently playing around with both and after seeing the kind of time investment required, I had better stop and make sure to choose the right toolset to avoid changing later and starting over.

If you have experience with both, I'd love to hear from you... I already know PCSoft users will say PCSoft and VS users will say VS, but what is really needed is advice from someone that has experiences with both as only they can properly compare the two. Lets start with a few questions...

1. Any of you currently use or have used PC Soft's WinDev, WebDev and/ or WinDev Mobile?

2. Do you use both?

3. Did you try PC Soft's suite but stayed with VS? and why?

4. If you started over, what would you choose as your primary toolset? and why?

Any and all suggestions is greatly appreciated...

Thank you,
Elisha Spicer
Re: PC Soft's WinDev, WebDev & Mobile vs VisualStudio
November 23, 2018 09:53PM
Hi Guys
I think this topic is old but still the questions remain. In my personal case I will try to answer based on my own experience and that could change with yours and within the time frame.

1. Any of you currently use or have used PC Soft's WinDev, WebDev and/ or WinDev Mobile?

I stated using PCSoft Products WX (let me use it for windex, webdev and windev mobile) from the version 7.5 I think in the 90's but that time I was much focus on Borland Turbo Pascal. After few year PC soft release the version12 and from there I am using the version 24 today:
What I like and that didn't change a lot it's the philosophy of PCSoft to make their product " Gaining Time Tool" and it is a really gaining time tool because:
1 - Its provide a graphical environment with a lot of "Gabarits" or template pre made which avoid a lot of coding - In Visual studio you might have to code a lot of windows and graphical tools that you need.
2 - PCSoft is trying to bring their coding by the natural language, I mean many instruction seems and sound like human regular expression
3 - They are trying to make one platform for Mobile, Web and Application development. Today their products are almost one integrated solution despite you have to install those three products separately.
4 - They are providing a convivial development environment as Visual studio but in better way.

From here don't think that Wx are better far from there.
It is a complete closed system built by a French company that intend to keep full control by controling every aspect of developement of product. in Visual Studio you're the King. You can develop many module or use many libraries provided by other developer.
Visual Studio is really an universal tools while Wx stay (les be fair) national.
I stopped using Wx products sometime when I have project that really need coding and coding NOT only managing data. I use python a lot for Data analytics by using libraries such as pandas, numpy, matplotlib and so one, and really in 2018 these are fully integrated into visual studio and they give more power and flexibilities. In 2018 Wx is has timid touch on those type of programming. They still improving in Data management, I will say relate to structured data (database)

Let me emphasis one of the huge lack in WX products for example: Today on the web development, you cannot easily avoid using Bootstrap and TRUST me if you want use bootstrap into Webdev, I wish you good luck while it's now just a piece of cake in Visual Studio.

I am trying to use the power of PCsofts interface development to use the power of python libraries but I am sorry it is painful, because you have to build .dll first then build maybe full app and then call them into PCsofts. it is horrible.
But you want use the power of python into visual studio then just call the libraries by few line of code.

2. Do you use both?

I use both and but everything depend on the type of project:
If my project request :
Database style, presentation on mobile devices and web I will tend to use PCsoft products.
If my project request:
Analysis, scientific, databases, web and mobile I will use VS if you can see the tricky difference.
Every depend for me how open or close is my need and tools available to tackle to work.

3. Did you try PC Soft's suite but stayed with VS? and why?

Let me clear on this question, IF you start with PCSofts tools, you won't stop honestly. You might park it for certain time when you will figure out you don't have all the tools that you need for your work.

4. If you started over, what would you choose as your primary toolset? and why?
I will respond this question by another way.
Let assume that there is only the two (visual studio and PCsofts WX) in the world and I have to choose absolutely one and only one then, I will choose Visual Studio. Why?
Whatever you can do with (Pcsofts products) could be done by Visual studio but the inverse is not true.

I am not the graal into this comparison and in my opinion nothing is better than other, everything should be just in context, then decision making will be easy.

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