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Similiar function for BuildBrowsingTable and FileToMemoryTable

Posted by Hafizh Kevin 
Similiar function for BuildBrowsingTable and FileToMemoryTable
January 21, 2021 05:15AM

In Windev Mobile, is there a function similar to BuildBrowsingTable and FileToMemoryTable to display the contents of the analysis file.

Our team is assigned to create applications that can be run using Android. The display will be created in a single window to manage the database, where the table that is displayed must be flexible following the contents of the datafile.

This project will be divided into 3 parts:
1. On the right, there is a table that can display a list of files in the analysis with field names and descriptions. In this section it is desired that this section can be shrunk and returned as it is on some websites)
2. At the top right will display a table that can adjust according to the datafile selected in case 1 (the field must match the selected datafile). We found the * BuildBrowsingTable * function to display column and column names in the table and * BuildBrowsingTable * to display the contents of the corresponding datafile, but this function is not compatible with Windev Mobile.
3. In the lower right part will display and fill in data according to the data selected in case 2, and can manage data, namely add, change, and delete.

We have tried to build an application with BuildBrowsingTable and BuildBrowsingTable that can be run in a simulator but cannot run on a tablet.

We really hope that there are suggestions and input that can help us in completing this project. Thank you for reading the thread

Best Regard,
Hafizh Kevin

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