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Get data from FileToMemoryTable to manage datafile

Posted by Hafizh Kevin 
Get data from FileToMemoryTable to manage datafile
January 13, 2021 04:09AM

We have a project, to create database manager on windev mobile for android. first we have to be able select master data or transaction data on table control (We use pane to do this).

After that we have to display it on other table control on difrerent window to display record on datafile (We use FileToMemoryTable for this).

Then after the record displayed, we must be able display record information on description section (not a table control) flexibly and dynamicly from diferent datafile (datafile Job has 3 column id, name, and detail and datafile employee has 5 column id, first_name, last_name, email, contact) and there will be action to add, modify, or delete the record

We now stuck on how to be able display information in description section flexibly and dynamicly from diferent datafile?

We apriciate your help


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Re: Get data from FileToMemoryTable to manage datafile
January 18, 2021 04:52AM

We able to create flexible table, it will display table and column from difrent datafile. We are using BuildBrowsingTable to display column and FileToMemoryTable to display the record. The table control will adjust itself acording datafile we select. But it will cause problem when we try manage the data on the table (add, modify, delete)

FOR i = 1 TO arrAdd.Count()
q.arrAdd = edt

Note : q (datafile), arrAdd (is column on table) and edt (Edit Control value)

unfortunately it not allow us use "." on this line

q.arrAdd = edt // '.' operator not allowed on Unicode String Element

Any advice, how to fix this?

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