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Automatic update via http

Posted by Piet van Zanten 
Piet van Zanten
Automatic update via http
October 03, 2009 08:42PM
Hi all,

Here's a simple live update program, you can download the project here


Create a directory on your website called updates.
In this directory you put future downloads of the latest version of the update program itself and the .upd files for your applications. (myapp1.upd, myapp2.upd etc.)
For each application you create a subdir containing the files to be downloaded.

Incorporate the global_procedures_of_VZupdate.wdg in your program and in the project initialization code input the line:

Open the project VZ_update.wdp and create the executable.
The file VZ_updateNN.exe should be in the same dir as your application's executable. (NN being the Windev version) So Include it in your first setup.

Create a textfile containing the files to be updated.
The filename is the name of your app + .upd
It contains the fileinfo separated by tabs:
Version: this is the version of your exe file
Date: this is the release date of the file
Filename: this is the file to be downloaded
Size: this is the filesize in bytes

example of the content of a .upd file:
02.54 tab 20091003 tab subdir_myappname/myprogram.exe tab 4879415
02.50 tab 20090621 tab subdir_myappname/myprogram.wdd tab 31577
02.14 tab 20090331 tab subdir_myappname/WD120ZIP.DLL tab 364544

Upload this file to your server.
Upload the files to be updated to the same relative location as indicated in the .upd file.

Put a textfile called VZupdateNN.upd containing the current version of VZ_updateNN.exe in the update directory of your website. (again: NN being the Windev version)
The VZ_update program uses the Windev framework of your application, so it should be the same Windev version. You create a VZ_update.exe for each Windev version of the deployed programs.

Of course you are free to rename all files to your liking.

If you have made improvements to this program please report them on the forum, so we can all benefit.

Create a Windev program to create and upload the .upd files and all files to be updated.

- the sIniName variable refers to an ini file in which the user's choice to enable live-update is stored. (e.g. if they don't have an internet connection)
- the testing of the program is not easy, because on testmode the circumstances are quite different from a running executable.

Best regards,

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Re: Automatic update via http
September 20, 2011 01:12PM
Hi If you use windev 16. Auto update is availeble as an out of the box feature.

You have to select it when making the setup. It works great. The setup program does it all when running it. It uploads the exe help files etc . If a new version is availeble the user gets a screen witch states the new features etc ( help file ) It can be manditory or not.

In a network these features are even better. However some screens seem to be in french but I have used it and it worked

Piet van Zanten
Re: Automatic update via http
September 21, 2011 09:50AM
Hi Allard,

Autoupdate is only available if you use WDsetup.
Many of us are using Inno Setup or other software.


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