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Azure Windows Desktop - can it access dongle?

Posted by DerekM 
Azure Windows Desktop - can it access dongle?
January 04, 2023 02:39AM

Does anyone have any experience with Azure Windows Desktop? Can it access the dongles from your physical desktop?
Re: Azure Windows Desktop - can it access dongle?
January 04, 2023 10:12AM
Hi Derek

UPDATE: It seems you can in the mean time: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/answers/questions/104541/how-can-we-connect-usb-senitel-hsp-dongle-in-azure.html
But my general remarks and considerations on the dongles remain valid...

As far as I know nothing which is running RDP-like sessions can work with the dongles apart from multi-licnese network dongles that need to be plugged in somehwere in the data center on the network concerned. So I think you even may need physical access to the servers...

Already many years ago I was having a discussion on this with PC$ where we had a case that one of our customers (with a global scope) wanted to have the ability to have a virtual machine in its European data center from which an employee in their branch in Chennai (India) could work. If it worked, they were considering multiple VM's and increase the use of WX also for the teams in the rest of Asia, the Americas and Europe with development VMs in their global central data center.

This was an absolute no go according to PC$. They are still stuck in the eighties of the last century on this...
These dongles are really an anachronism (already for decades imho) and no longer fit in a modern cloud driven virtualised computing environment where companies don't even have access anymore to the physical infrastructure since that is mostly outsourced (AWS, Azure, OCI, and many many other data center companies). If I want to use MS Visual Studio Pro for example, I simply log-on to it with my M$ account that has the license attached to it on any computer in the world without having to drag along dongles, let alone require physical machines and access to them instead of simply RDP-ing into VMs (of mine or the customer).

In this matter these guys at PC$ are really retarded and I'm convinced they are loosing a lot of potential customers with it too...

So I'm afraid you're blocked here...

Just my 2 cents

Peter H.

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Re: Azure Windows Desktop - can it access dongle?
January 04, 2023 06:41PM
Thank you, Peter,

I'll test it based on this.

Your comments are certainly valid but going forward there isn't a good alternative to virtual desktops even with this dongle issue.

Re: Azure Windows Desktop - can it access dongle?
January 05, 2023 02:07PM
Hi Derek,

A few years back we tried to do what you want. We installed Windev on a inhouse server connected to the internet.
With a normal dongle we ran several simultaneous sessions on that server with every session it's own Windev started. From the outside
several users (username) could login their account (session RDP) and run one copy of Windev simultaneously with other users.
Not ideal but it worked.

I'don't know of the newer versions of Windev still allow this.

Best regards,

Re: Azure Windows Desktop - can it access dongle?
January 12, 2023 08:22AM
For access on a local network Stardock Multiplicity allows access to another compute running the WX programs without the dongle causing problems.

To access a remote machine anywhere in the world, Fixme.it works to access a remote computer running any of the WX products without the dongle causing a problem.

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