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Relocating a project

Posted by norfolk-reg 
Relocating a project
January 18, 2022 05:49PM

I know I've seen something about this before, but I cannot find it. I've just had to switch to using a new laptop, and so I've copied over my project folder.

Once moved, I delete the project's cpl folder, opened the project and then repaired it. Everything seems ok except when I try to build an installable executable. It fails with the message shown in the attachment; basically at this point something is looking for the project's .wdd file in the old location, but I can't find anywhere still mentioning this old location.

I've clearly not moved the project in the right way; can anyone please help?

open | download - install error.JPG (64.6 KB)
Re: Relocating a project
January 18, 2022 06:24PM
Hi Norfolk-Reg

I'ld say to have a look
1/ in the project description
2/ in the analysis description or connections

for pointers to this location.


Re: Relocating a project
January 18, 2022 06:30PM
Hi Peter,

Nothing there unfortunately, but thanks for the suggestion.

Re: Relocating a project
January 18, 2022 07:02PM
Hi Reg,

I relocate projects using the Backup & Restore quite often.

It basically just a matter of; Creating your new project folder, making a backup of the project using; Tools > Make a project backup, then restoring the project in the new location using; Tools > Restore a project.

I don't think it's as simple as copying the project folder 'cos I think WX uses the registry and just copying the folder introduces problems, but I might be wrong.

I used this backup/restore recently when moving stuff to a new laptop - works well.


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Re: Relocating a project
January 18, 2022 07:04PM
I'll certainly remember that in future Darren, thanks..
Re: Relocating a project
January 18, 2022 07:22PM
this error is coming from the installor editor (wdinst).

So you can either:
- simply delete the installer configuration file and redo the install settings from scratch
- OR open the wdinst full UI (not the regular wizard/you will find that in the tools menu) wwhere you have access to all the settings in that file and can find out what is incorrect
Re: Relocating a project
January 18, 2022 08:27PM
Hi Argus,

Brilliant, thanks for the help.

Kind Regards

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