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[WD26] Signature for REST request

Posted by ArieM 
[WD26] Signature for REST request
January 15, 2022 09:23PM
Hi, I need a signature for a REST request, based on info of the request (timestamp, method, url and body) together with my APIKEY

The documentation says:
A signature is generated by creating a SHA256 HMAC hex digest of timestamp + method + url + body.
timestamp+method+url+body are no problem, these are just params of the request

A Python example looks like this
def createSignature(timestamp, method, url, body, APISECRET):
  string = str(timestamp) + method + '/v2' + url
  if(len(body.keys()) != 0):
    string += json.dumps(body, separators=(',',':'))
  signature = hmac.new(APISECRET.encode('utf-8'), string.encode('utf-8'), hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()
  return signature

Timestamp, method, url, body are all known and put together in 'string'
But I'm struggling with the final step

So what is the Windev equivalent of
signature = hmac.new(APISECRET.encode('utf-8'), string.encode('utf-8'), hashlib.sha256).hexdigest()

Re: [WD26] Signature for REST request
January 15, 2022 11:12PM
you are simply looking for the HASH function one of its parameter should match your example
Re: [WD26] Signature for REST request
January 16, 2022 02:41PM
Thanks, got it working now. I missed the 2nd syntax in the help WITH the secret-key option.
I also had to add a call to BufferToHexa() to get the "hex digest" of it.

Re: [WD26] Signature for REST request
January 16, 2022 09:02PM
For those interested, this is the final working code

sHash is string = HashString(HA_HMAC_SHA_256, sMessage, m_sApiSecret)
sHash = BufferToHexa(sHash, NoGrouping, NoLine)
sHash = Lower(sHash)

Re: [WD26] Signature for REST request
January 16, 2022 09:05PM
And credits to Peter (HoBe) for pointing someone on the French forum to this post smiling smiley


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