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Cant Login to WD 26

Posted by bkosinski 
Cant Login to WD 26
April 26, 2021 12:27PM

i just installed WD 26 and used the User Control Center Parameters from WD 25 but it says unknown user or wrong password at the first start assistent. When im in the Login screen i can enter what i want and dont get any response when hit connect.
I can still log into WD 25 with same Parameters and i even can log into the Control Center itself with my Name and PW.
The Parameters for connecting to the Control Centers are exactly the same in WD 25 and WD 26.

Plz help me !

thanks in advise !
Re: Cant Login to WD 26
April 26, 2021 12:55PM
Hi, I'm sorry to hear! I fear, the best would be to uninstall WD26 and to install it again - without visiting the Control Center settings!

Kind regards,
Guenter Predl
Re: Cant Login to WD 26
April 26, 2021 01:06PM
The only Window in the Installer refering to the Control Center automatically detects it and gives option to use other Settings. These Settings are Local Database, HFSQL Client/Server or PCSCloud. I have to use a Control Center and the directory is set to the WD 25 Control Center.
I Uninstalled and Reinstalled but nothing changed. confused smiley
Re: Cant Login to WD 26
April 26, 2021 02:56PM
I don't know if this helps, but
Review - Options/General Options for Windev - Check the Parameters of the Control Centers to verify your connection parameters and to test the connection
You can also check the option to request password upon startup to determine if you have an issue with the cached password.

I did notice that the dialog box for a Connection to the SCM is inappropriately sized by default and doesn't reveal the password field unless you enlarge the dialog window
open | download - scm.PNG (10.7 KB)
open | download - scm2.PNG (13.4 KB)
Re: Cant Login to WD 26
April 26, 2021 03:09PM
thank ya for your answer ...

i cannot go to the options in WD 26 because i cant log into the Program.
The Options from WD25 are in Settings1.PNG
The Settings2.PNG is from WD26 first start assistent.

Please Help me confused smiley

EDIT: I want to repeat that it works in WD25 when i enter my Username and Password and it dont work in WD26

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open | download - Settings1.PNG (33.5 KB)
open | download - Settings2.PNG (134.5 KB)
Re: Cant Login to WD 26
April 26, 2021 08:16PM
Did you upgrade your Dongle for 26?
Re: Cant Login to WD 26
April 27, 2021 09:24AM
Yes i did update all of my Dongles
Re: Cant Login to WD 26
April 27, 2021 09:30AM
I just read something about User Rights and got an Idea...
It was a super simple problem that was fixed when i started WD26 as an Administrator eye rolling smiley
now it works well.

Thanks for everyone trying to help me


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