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WD 23 - Date Field

Posted by Christoph Erdmann 
Christoph Erdmann
WD 23 - Date Field
April 14, 2021 03:41PM
In a date field it is possible to change the date with "+" or "-". Can this function be switched off?

Re: WD 23 - Date Field
April 15, 2021 06:21AM

imho, you have to use the functions DateToInteger(...) and IntegerToDate(...)

MyDate = IntegerToDate(DateToInteger(DateToString(MyDate,"YYYYMMDD"))+1)

Kind regards,
Guenter Predl
Christoph Erdmann
Re: WD 23 - Date Field
April 15, 2021 12:58PM

if you type in a date field "10-" the date field change automatic to "09.04.2021" or if you select a date field with a date, you can change the date also with "+" or "-". This must be new in WINDEV and I want to switch off this automatic funktion.

Re: WD 23 - Date Field
April 15, 2021 06:44PM

It is not new, behaves like this even in WD 15 ( but its really new for me too !)

Maybe you can force it with the Input mask and regexp:

// Allow the input of digits and dot character only,
// up to 10 characters
EDT_CONTROL..InputMask = "regexp:[0-9.]{0,10}"

regards, Heinz
Christoph Erdmann
Re: WD 23 - Date Field
April 16, 2021 09:25AM
Hi Heinz,

ok thank you - it works on a edit control - not in a date field. So I lost many automatic functions in the date field. I believe to accept the "+" and "-" insteed to change all my date fields.

Thank you for your help.


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