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Loading a Page

Posted by MPD_For_Life 
Loading a Page
February 19, 2021 07:03PM
Good afternoon
And Thank you in advance for the Help.

Using WebDev 24

In My Application, I have Page One and Page Two

Page Two is kind of heavy in controls and query Performance etc.
This Page (Page Two) when called from Page One, it opens in a separate New Browser Tab
the problem I am having is that Page Two when called, it takes about 10 to 15 seconds to fully displaying for the user.

My Question,
There is anything that I can implement like a popup to display or a method to display something like "Loading Please Wait..." in-between
Page One and Page Two until Page Two fully loads?

Thanks for the Help

Best regards,

Re: Loading a Page
February 19, 2021 07:18PM
this should be done in two parts:

1. MOVE the process of filling heavy controls (your queries, if I understand correctly) AFTER the page load
2. In the browser code of the page 1 button loading page two, do a toastdisplay saying that the page is loading, please wait, AND/OR do the same thing in the lodaing page code (browser) of page 2

part 1 is done by moving the filling code into procedures called by ajaxexecute (or asynchrone) in the page loading code (browser)...

By doing that, the page will appear (not fully filled) much faster, then you will have a message asking to wait, and finally all your heavy controls will be filled
Re: Loading a Page
February 20, 2021 07:54PM
Good afternoon Argus.

Thank you so much for the quick response and help.

I will try this and let you know.


Thank you

Best regards,


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