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[WB 24]Organizer Control

Posted by ericus 
[WB 24]Organizer Control
February 03, 2021 03:43PM
Good afternoon

I am struggling a bit with the organizer control. There is a simple example page but that is very, very simple. That control is linked to a Table but I need to handle the control by programming.

To configure what dates and times to display is quite simple, but when a user clicks on a specific time slot to now make a booking in that time slot, how do I pick up what time slot the user clicked on?

And then, how do I check the table that there is not already a booking for that time slot?

Lastly the example also seems a bit erratic. If you double click a time slot the color changes but why? Then if you click on it again there is a x that appear in that time slot to, I assume delete whatever is in there, but the 'direct edit of an appointment' is not enabled.

If somebody has used this control and are prepared to assist I will really appreciate it. All I want is:

1. The control populated programmatically (I managed that)
2. A double-click in the time slot will open a dialog where the user types in their details and either click Save and/or Cancel (There is already a dialog in the example)
3. Allow editing/deleting of time slots but only by an administrator.

Seems simple but yet so complicated.

Thanks in advance

Ericus Steyn
Re: [WB 24]Organizer Control
February 04, 2021 03:04PM
Do you have an email address?

You have to enable all things visual if youwant to manupulate by programming . That is againthe case here. ( just like charts etc )

All i s possible and a lot more and not that hard to do. If you know how
So explaining is a bid difficulet .I can sent you a screenthat does allthat and more ( programming is done in Dutch so that might be a bit of a task

Need it for windev or webdev ?
( Both pretty mutch te same )

If you provide email adrress I can do wrtransferandsend you a windev screen )

O sorry I only have version 25.

Re: [WB 24]Organizer Control
February 05, 2021 10:55AM
Thanks very much.

I also have WebDev v25 and can maybe apply the same then in WB v24. We'll see.

My email address is let@iafrica.com

Thanks very much for your offer.

Ericus Steyn
Re: [WB 24]Organizer Control
February 16, 2021 01:47PM

Sorry I have been looking but I could not find my old webdev project.

I remember that there is not an organizerdisplay() function sutch as there is for a table control ( tabledisplay(). This would be a logical function to just reload the organizer.

So I dit an organiserdelete() on all appointments and then adding the appointments again based on a query. More like with a table control deleteing all the rows and adding them again.
So make a querie with all parameters you need .

Then ==> For each....... add all based on the querie.

Sorry I could not be of more help


Renko Allard

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