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Display image on img control from FileToMemmory table

Posted by Hafizh Kevin 
Display image on img control from FileToMemmory table
January 25, 2021 04:44AM

We have flexible table using FileToMemmory, upon selected record it will fill the control we prepared. All string data will get displayed on EDT control, but we unable to display image from selected record to img control. Any advice to help us solve this problem?

To give further information, the control that we prepared is to edit the data inside the table, and in one data table we have a field that contains images, what we want to do is to be able to edit this image in a control that we have already prepared in windev mobile, but I am not sure on how to extract the image from the field, and to add the image is not always in the same column for every different data table (IE: Table "products" have images in column 5, table "assets" have images in column 2)


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if I understand correctly, the image is displayed correctly in the table control, so displaying it from there in a image field should be as simple as:
MyImageField = MyTable.ImageColumn[SelectedLine]

How you find which column, it's name, and which line is too dependant of your code to say...

If you don't know in advance the column name, then you will have to use the indirection to construct the name in a string and use it at the right time with something looking like this

MyImageField = {"MyTable.ImageColumn",indcontrol}[SelectedLine]
MyControlName is string = "MyTable.ImageColumn"
MyImageField = {MyControlName,indcontrol}[SelectedLine]
Re: Display image on img control from FileToMemmory table
January 27, 2021 05:32AM
Hello Argus,

We have successfully displayed and converted photos in a table with AlbumSelector in which we have to make a request to capture images. by performing an index search on a query containing images, so that the image can be dragged and displayed and can be edited.

We also able to manage (add, modify, delete) the image so that it can be stored in a data file.


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