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Question about TsPlus

Posted by Ola 
Question about TsPlus
September 10, 2020 07:56PM
Hi all you who use TsPlus!

I would like to know a couple of things about TsPlus, which I cannot find from the info on their website.

Can a workstation be a TsPlus server, and at the same time be a normal workstation where the user can use the "TsPlused" app directly, without going through the web? Or does it require a "dedicated server" which cannot also be a workstation? I am thinking of a small family business scenario, where the server at home would also be used by some family member while some other would use it remotely from, say, a remote work shop, or while on a sales trip.

Are there any special considerations concerning the app to be "TsPlused", other than it obviously should be a multi-user app?

Best regards
Re: Question about TsPlus
September 10, 2020 08:10PM

On our dedicated servers there is no problem to also run the apps directly on the server even with many users logged on and running the app in virtual mode. No problem. Therefore, I assume you can do the same on a workstation. I guess the concern would be if the workstation has enough resources to support the number of concurrent users you expect to have.

App must be multi-user and all the usual considerations given to handling multiple users reading/writing data.
Re: Question about TsPlus
September 10, 2020 08:59PM
Hi Ola,

All works fine. But why not rent a small server when you only have a few users? Your workstation consumes power. No need for standing by 24/24. Calculate the money for the power consumation.
Besides; most off the times the rented server also provides a back-up.

Regards Frans

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Re: Question about TsPlus
September 14, 2020 02:26PM
Hi JP and Frans,

Thank you for your experience and hints.

To Frans: The whole Idea of this is that the small family business could use the normal PC equipment they already have, and which they would use anyway also for other purposes. And they need one PC at home and another when not at home. Of course there are some requirements about the OS, which must be considered.

Best regards

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