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[WD23] How to delete an email after having downloaded it?

Posted by Ola 
[WD23] How to delete an email after having downloaded it?
September 02, 2020 02:57PM
Hi all,

Another email question:
How to delete an email after having downloaded it, that is, some time later.

I am currently using Pegasus as my main email client, and have been using it for nearly 20 years. It has more features than I could ever imagine to use, works fine in a LAN environment and is totally safe. And it's free. No ads.

As long as the downloaded emails are in its own INBOX folder, the original emails exist also still on the server. Pegasus deletes an original email from the server only when the downloaded copy has been moved from Pegasus' Inbox folder to an archive folder (or deleted in the Inbox folder). Still, when I do a new downloading of emails, those already downloaded are not downloaded again.

I like this approach and would like to do the same in my system, instead of deleting an email just after downloding it, like the WD samples do. I just don't know the email system so well that I could figure out, how to do it in WD.

What/where is the unique identifier? How to find the equivalent original email? How to delete it? How to keep an already downloaded email from downloading again?

Any hints and tips?

Best regards

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