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WDOPTIMIZER - heads up!

Posted by gpredl 
WDOPTIMIZER - heads up!
August 31, 2020 08:30AM

we've had problems with severly damaged Classic HFSQL files, big files of much more than 2 gb in size. Any experiments with WD onboard tools, commands like HIndex(..) and WDMODFIC.exe did not work and left these files damaged as they'd been before. In Dialog with PC Soft's Tech Support, the only thing able to repair those files was WDOPTIMIZER.exe . No surprise, you'd say, it's the tool recommended by PC Soft for distribution. So what?

1) WDOptimizer.exe is a 32-bit program. When installing WDOptimizer.exe together with a 64-bit program, it needs a bunch of 32-bit DLLs to be installed too, see the Help.

2) If one had the idea to use file extensions other than .FIC WDOptimizer will reindex the .DAT files correctly but will list all of the .ndx files in that directory as "No HFSQL files" associated with a red error sign! Not good for customers to see. Means, in order to initiate a programmed repair, you'll have to cycle through all of your data files, calling WDOptimizer each and every time like

ExeRun("C:\MyDirectory\WDOptimizer.EXE /Fic=C:\MyApp\Data\MyFile.DAT")

3) [WD25] The HyperFile Control Center now works just fine with files of extensions other than .FIC !! It is able to import and to optimize them without any troubles. My recommendation is to use the HFSQL-Control Center - if possible.

Kind regards,
Guenter Predl

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