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Azure date issue

Posted by ArieM 
Azure date issue
October 31, 2019 05:05PM

we are in the middle of moving our application and MSSQL database to azure. Everything is running fine in the current environment, dedicated 2012 server with mssql 2012.
I copied the application (WD23) to a Win2019 instance in Azure. It is still connecting to our current databaseserver (not Azure).

Normally dates are formatted like 20191031 when looking at the record buffer after reading a record. Then when displaying the date it can be in any format, like DD-MM-YYYY and so on.

However I face a strange thing with with dates when running the application from our new Azure instance. . The dates in the record buffer are malformed and look like this
and that's it. Still 8 character long but it is missing de day part due to the 2 minus characters??

Afaik it hasn;t anyting to do with "display" in WD, it looks like the recordbuffer already has wrong data.
I tried for example the next 3 lines

And it comes with 2019-10- instead of 20191031

I tried different combinations of language/regional settings, with no help. (howefer the recordbuffer shouldn't change by that)
It happens with the default OLEDB driver as well as with the Windev native mssql driver.

I must be missing something, but have no idea yet. Any help appreciated!


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