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Internal Window question

Posted by apredl 
Internal Window question
October 16, 2019 12:11PM

I have a question, because I need to clarify:

I have a window "WIN_QUICK2" in this window is a IWC_Artikel internal window control init without any internal window.


WHILE NOT HOut(Artikel)
So do I load the internal window control, the reason is, I want to "swipe" the content, there are only few products, so this is not a concern.

Swiping per programming is IWListNext(IWC_Artikel) or IWListPrevious(IWC_Artikel) works

As you can see, I pass a parameter to the internal window, itentifying the window with nArtikelNr (as a parameter) or as "EDT_ArtikelNr" with is an edit field in the internal window IW_Quick_Artikel

So now to the real question;

If I add in WIN_QUICK2 a button, with

info(IW_Quick_Artikel.value) //Displays always nothing

info(IW_Quick_Artikel.EDT_ArtikelNr) //Is always 1 (regardless the swipe window count, regardless displayed EDT_ArtikelNr)

Info({"IWC_Artikel.EDT_ArtikelNr",indControl}) //Displays the right ArtikelNr!!!!

Is this ok, per random, or not intended like this???

If I write

Info(IWC_Artikel.EDT_ArtikelNr) //Syntax error

Is there another solution to get the content of the actual internal window??

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