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SCM Merge

Posted by PaulGruet 
SCM Merge
October 10, 2019 10:21AM
We are developing with WinDev 24 and have two branches of our project which we need to merge together.
We try to perform the merge using 'Simple comparison of the two projects' as this is the only method I can find that allows line by line comparison of the two branches - we experience the following problems:

1) During comparison, if a class exists in project 2 that is not present in Project 1, when I attempt to copy an exception is thrown which says:
An internal problem occured while modifying the project <project name> send the dump file to Technical Support of PCSoft' (which we have done)

2) If we do manage to get through the comparison stage, most or all of the changes are not actioned. SOmetimes we get a class or function appear in the project explorer that is not present in the code. It cannot be modified or deleted from the project explorer.

3) Variable renaming. Where a class has not been copied properly (as in 2) all instances of that class are renamed to the name of another variable (seemingly selected at random)

We were requested by PCSoft to create a new database on local host but this crashes when we press the 'Test' or validate buttons on the connect dialog.

I have submitted a zip of the real database to PCSoft but they are not interested unless we can give them a local host standalone database (which we can't because it crashes during creation)

I have also created another SCM server on our server and moved our code base to that and tried a remerge but the symptoms are identical.
Similarly I have tried to create a standalone simple project (in case our project is corrupt) but we get exactly the same issues.

We have been down for a full week now and PCSoft seem to be unresponsive. They won't speak on the phone in English and they are now not responding to my emails. Does anyone else have experience of similar issues and does anyone have a solution or workaround?
We would walk away from Windev because of this but unfortunately we have several man years of code written and our customers in the field need urgent support from us which we are now struggling to give.

Best regards

Paul Gruet.
open | download - SCMCrash.png (76.3 KB)
open | download - CrashOnCOnnectionToLocalHost.png (38.2 KB)
Re: SCM Merge
October 10, 2019 10:53AM

We also have many problems with scm (in the cloud from PS-soft) with the same error. (The first one)
Many times we have to repair a project and nobody can work for at least half an hour.
We now switched from 23 to 24 and it seams to be a little more stable.

The idea of SCM is great!. Can't live with it and certainly not without it.
Working with SCM is very efficient when there are no crashes!! Then it is very time consuming.
We do get answers from the help-desk.

Regards Frans
Re: SCM Merge
October 10, 2019 11:08AM
Ours is the opposite experience, it was stable with 23 but broke with 24. What did you do to repair your project?
I have many 'zombie' class and function names in my project explorer where the real code has not merged across. They cannot be deleted from the explorer so I have to think of new names for the class & functions and manually copy the code across.

I am used to using GitLab and Subversion which worked very well, but I can't use them for Windev because even the WLanguage source files are in some kind of binary format.
Re: SCM Merge
October 10, 2019 02:43PM
Hello Paul,

To repair:
Project; Other actions; Repair the project.
If you miss some elements: try right click on wd explorer and Locate. Sometimes there comes a 0 behind the name.
In that case : Don't add. Copy the file to another map.
Right click in wd explorer and Remove and delete from disk.
Then File; Import from disk.


Regards Frans

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