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[WD] Colors

Posted by Christoph Erdmann 
Christoph Erdmann
[WD] Colors
August 07, 2019 03:54PM

I am searching for 2 commands like :

Button1..Borderlinecolor = ilightred - to change the color of the border of a button by programming

Table1..SelectetdRowcolor = ilightred - to change the color of the font from a selected row of a table

Cannot find this in the help.

Re: [WD] Colors
August 07, 2019 05:39PM
Hello Christoff

The only thing I could find was ..image
Maybe you could substitute another image with a different border colour for the button ?

The row command should be :

table1[table1]..brushcolor = ilightred //background
table1[table1]..color = idefault //text

This code would go in the "Selecting a row of table" event


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Re: [WD] Colors
August 07, 2019 06:05PM
Hello Christoph

On the Table control in the RowDisplay

nRowSelected is int = CurrentSubscript()
IF nRowSelected > 0 THEN
	SWITCH COL_JF_Status[nRowSelected]
		CASE "Active"
			MySelf[nRowSelected]..Color = DefaultColor
		CASE "Inactive"
			MySelf[nRowSelected]..Color = DarkRed
		CASE "Master"
			MySelf[nRowSelected]..Color = DarkBlue
		CASE "Archive"
			MySelf[nRowSelected]..Color = DarkGray

As far as a button you change the image. IMG_Def and IMG_BTN_On are image controls off screen with the desired image in them.

IF clJobList.m_sGrpName = "All" THEN
	BTN_Sales_Group..BackgroundImage = IMG_Def
	BTN_Sales_Group..Color = Black  //Changes the text color
	BTN_Sales_Group..BackgroundImage = IMG_BTN_On
	BTN_Sales_Group..Color = White

Re: [WD] Colors
August 08, 2019 09:56PM

This maybe ?
Christoph Erdmann
Re: [WD] Colors
August 12, 2019 05:04PM

thanks for the help.

1. Button1..border don`t work, but I use iBorder or a shape for a border round a Button.

2. To see the color of a selected row, I set the color for the selected row in the style to transparent. Now I can see the color of the selected row through the selected row. Set the brushcolr to very light.


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