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WD problem deploying a webservice

Posted by Lee Shroder 
WD problem deploying a webservice
March 05, 2019 08:48PM
Hi Everyone,

I am having an awful time trying to install a Windev developed Web Service. (Windev 23)
I have installed what is now called the Reserved Application Server and it connects fine with IIS as it passes all of the configuration checks within its diagnostics.
The problem I face is when trying to install a Windev developed webservice as the installer never see's the application server.

The generation is set to Create a setup by physical media or webservice.
The application server is installed into the path C:\Program Files (x86)\PC SOFT\Reserved Server 23 and if I run the RServer23.exe it runs ok adn passed all diagnostics in terms of IIS settings.

However when I run the installer created by Windev I get a message advising me that the WEBDEV Application Server was not found on my PC and clicking next requests me to select a folder where the WEBDEV Application Server will be installed.

This defaults to:-C:\Program Files (x86)\PC SOFT\WEBDEV\23.0\

Choosing this folder and selecting the default options for the webservice install I get the following error:-

Error at line 19 of Méthode __bLireInfoDansUnFichierCompte process ('CompteWebDev' component).
HReadSeekFirst function called.
Unable to open <C:\Users\Lee\AppData\Local\Temp\WD_5A37.tmp\wbcompte.FIC> file.
File found neither on disk, nor in libraries (.WDL) or components (.WDK).

System Error Details:

The system cannot find the file specified.

----- Technical Information -----

Project : WBSetup
Component : CompteWebDev

WL call:
Process of 'Méthode __bLireInfoDansUnFichierCompte' (CClientWebDev.__bLireInfoDansUnFichierCompte), line 19, thread 0
'HReadSeekFirst' function, syntax 1

What happened?
Unable to open <C:\Users\Lee\AppData\Local\Temp\WD_5A37.tmp\wbcompte.FIC> file.
File found neither on disk, nor in libraries (.WDL) or components (.WDK).

Error code: 70003
Level: fatal error
WD55 error code: 3

I checked the suggested install folder of C:\Program Files (x86)\PC SOFT\WEBDEV\23.0\ and this doesn't exist.

I have also tried running the installer as Administrator just in case it was a permissions thing but this didn't help.

Does anyone have any idea what the problem is and how I can resolve it please?

Thank you for any assistance.

Kindest Regards,

Re: WD problem deploying a webservice
March 06, 2019 08:15AM
Hi Lee,

It looks like you installed the wrong server.
Afaik the one you mention is a webservice itself, allowing you the get access to server databases from a remote client directly. Defining a connection to this webservice and using regular H-commands as if the database was local on the device.

My guess is you developed a webservice by your self and in that case you need the 'normal' webserver found here
Either the unlimited payed version or the free 10-user version. You don't need a WB license if you are using the webserver only for webservices (which indeed can be developed with WD)

Re: WD problem deploying a webservice
March 06, 2019 09:28AM
Hi Arie,

Oh dear it was that simple, thank you Arie I can't believe I missed that. I haven't worked on Webservices wiith Windev for about 3 years and I didn't even think to look for the download from Windev I assumed it would be in the applications provided with the installer and thought the install I found was the right thing.

Thank you very much for your help thumbs up smiling smiley

Kindest Regards,

Re: WD problem deploying a webservice
March 06, 2019 06:48PM
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