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Module for administration of HF databases (end user)

Posted by Frank Missel 
Frank Missel
Module for administration of HF databases (end user)
March 31, 2008 04:11PM

As part of an applikation I have a module which let the end user define and perform ETL actions (i.e. Extract, Load and Transform) on data before they are loaded into the main application.

The ETL module can work on databases and data files moving and transforming data as required. The databases could e.g. be Access or any other data source as defined by the end user. Some databases would exist already at the end user site (e.g. a data warehouse, an ERP system or whatever can be accessed through ODBC), other databases would be defined and created as part of an ETL job.

Now, I am considering that as part of the ETL module, I would offer for the end user to create and work with HF databases since these are anyway part of the WinDev package (rather than suggesting e.g. Access, SQL Server, etc.). Also the end user would then be able to work with these temporary databases directly within the application and not have to switch to another for setting up the database (defining tables, fields, keys, etc.).

Finally we come to my question :-):

Are there already some component or similar that can be incorporated into a WinDev project which will allow the end user to set up temporary HF files in a separate folder or HF server (i.e. they will not be part of an analysis, since the structure of the temporary database will only be known at run time) or would I have to code such a function from scrath?

Is my idea feasible or would be it be better to use the HF for only the applications data and request that such temporary data should be in a different type of database?

Any suggestions or hints will be appreciated.

Best regards,

Hi Frank,

I don't know any existing component, classe,... that does this,
But if you decide to make one from scratch, it can be done easily.

See help for HDescribeItem and HDescribeFile

Frank Missel
Re: Module for administration of HF databases (end user)
March 31, 2008 06:56PM
Thanks Leo, that seems to be the functions that I need.

Dennis Baggott
Re: Module for administration of HF databases (end user)
April 01, 2008 03:54PM
Is this module something you might make available as a third party addon for purchase? I am coming from Clarion and used addons for importing and something like you describe would be great for me. The main things I find I miss from Clarion are a good Importing feature, I mean not limiting to csv files, and something like Query Wizard - used to be at [www.clariontools.com] I believe.


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